FREE Shipping On 6 Or More 4 Packs!


FREE Shipping On 6 Or More 4 Packs!


Sour 4 pack

Sour 4 pack


Sour is our latest and greatest formulation of fun and flavor all wrapped into one beautiful can of tastiness. It holds a range of sourness between a sour patch kid and a jolly rancher candy, giving you a tango tart experience that will pucker your lips. Great with spirits such as Tequila and Vodka or mixed with OJ or pineapple juice for a refreshing mocktail.

• Only 45 Calories
• Gluten Free
• 10g of Total Sugars (9.5g add sugar ~ Raw Honey)
• Non-GMO
• No Potassium Sorbate

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U.S. Sourced

U.S. Owned

Eco Friendly

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